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Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How will emergency personnel enter my loved one's home?

EM24 Alert recommends that you provide a spare key to friends or family members you include on your emergency contact list. We can keep a list of key holders for you as well too.

To allow easy, damage-free entry by emergency responders, EM24 Alert suggests purchasing a key lockbox that hangs from your door handle. We will ship the lockbox with a personal access code that we keep on file so we can inform responders of the code, which allows them to have access to your door key.

Who provides maintenance for my EM24 Alert equipment, and is there a cost?

EM24 Alert will make sure your system is fully operational during the initial testing procedure and basic troubleshooting will be provided any time it is needed. However, system maintenance such as battery replacement and periodic system checks are the sole responsibility of the user.

Will help be sent if I am unable to communicate with, or hear, the monitor?

The System Equipment Function is to notify EM24 personnel of activation at the S/U’s premise. Generally, two-way voice communication is automatically established between the S/U and EM24 staff. If EM24 receives an activation and no two-way voice communication is established or the communication is unintelligible, EM24 will initiate the following pre-defined emergency notifications procedures: 1) attempt to establish phone contact with the premise; if that fails; 2) notify one or more people on the S/U’s Emergency Contacts list to determine if they will respond to the S/U’s activation or if they want EM24 to notify emergency responders, if that fails; 3) notify emergency responders.

Can responder information be changed after an EM24 Alert medical alarm system is ordered?

When signing up for service, EM24 Alert customers are asked to provide a list of family and friends to be notified should there ever be an emergency in your home. Once your online account is created, you can access your family/friend list at any time to make updates as needed. Additionally, you may call our Customer Service department for us to update this information on your behalf.

Why does the monitor ask to verify my address?

As a final failsafe, EM24 Alert monitors will confirm your address to be current before dispatching authorities to your home.

Must I have a medical emergency to use my EM24 Alert service?

EM24 Alert service is designed to help in any emergency situation, including fire and burglaries, as well as health issues.

Will using EM24 Alert affect my telephone service?

When the EM24 Alert base station is connected to the existing phone line, it establishes a “line-seizure” function. When the emergency call button is pushed, the base station automatically clears the phone line and immediately makes a call to the EM24 Alert monitoring station. If a person is using the phone and there is call for help from the EM24 Alert system, the call will automatically be disconnected and the base station will immediately make a call to the EM24 Alert monitoring station.

Does EM24 Alert offer service in my area?

EM24 Alert service is available throughout the United States.

How quickly can I get service?

While several variables may impact your service activation (such as shipping method and product availability), your EM24 Alert service will begin immediately after your received system has sent an initial test signal from your home.

Can the system go with me if I move, or am on vacation?

Yes, an EM24 Alert System can be reprogrammed if you require service at a new location. This usually takes 48 hours. To begin the reprogramming process, call our customer service team with your account number and password.

Can I check to see how often my parent or friend is using EM24 Alert services?

Our Customer Support staff would be happy to send you a subscriber usage report; please allow 48 - 72 hours for distribution.

What is the average response time?

In the event of an emergency, press the button on the front of the pendant for four seconds, which dials the EM24 Alert monitoring center. You will first hear beeping, then the dial tone sound, followed by more beeping tones. After about 10 seconds, the EM24 Alert monitor will have established full connectivity with your system.

After a quick evaluation of the situation and reviewing the pre-define instructions for the account, the EM24 Monitor will make the appropriate emergency dispatch requests and then notify to family and friends on your party list.

What if I press the help button by mistake?

If you realize the mistake within the first 10 seconds of pressing the help button, you can cancel the call by pressing the gray button located on the back of your pendant. If more than 10 seconds have passed since you pressed the button, you can simply notify our monitors that a false alarm has been sent once you are connected with our central station, and your call will be ended.