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Billing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can the EM24 Alert system save me money?

EM24 Alert senior safety systems provide the means for independent senior living by enabling subscribers to call for assistance at the touch of a button that activates a two-way voice communicator. Not only does our service give confidence to the end-user, but it provides an invaluable financial cushion for the subscriber and their family.

The reality is only a small percentage of aging Americans actually has the financial means needed for healthcare and living expenses throughout their golden years.

What payment options are available?

EM24 Alert offers several pricing plansto meet your immediate needs and budget. We offer both equipment rental and ownership plans, as well as monthly, quarterly and annual service packages. The up-front cost can be as low as $75.95 (this includes a one-time $50 fee) or high as $319.35

Please understand that those prices reflect the difference between buying the equipment and paying for a year’s service all at once OR renting the equipment and paying for service each month. Also understand that there is no difference in the service provided – the only difference is how you choose to pay for it.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

The EM24 Alert service agreement shall terminate upon the user’s death or prolonged hospitalization or institutionalization and the return of equipment by user’s representative to EM24 Alert at user’s expense by delivery service (UPS, US Postal Service) that requires a signature upon receipt of the package. It is suggested that you keep the original packing for this purpose.

The equipment must be returned in working order within 30 days of service termination to:

Emergency Twenty Four, Inc.

999 E. Touhy Ave., Suite 500

Des Plaines, IL 60018

Additionally, the EM24 Alert service agreement may be cancelled by EM24 at any time, upon a ten (10) day written notice, if false notifications and/or “runaway” signals continue to occur.

What is the total cost of an EM24 Alert system?

There are two costs for the EM24 Alert service: equipment and service. The equipment can either be purchased or rented. The service can be paid for on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Are there costs in addition to the monthly monitoring fee?

There are no additional costs for EM24 Alert service, but the user is responsible for their own telephone and electrical service fees.

Are credit card and EFT (check) payment options available?


Do you provide free shipping?

Free shipping is available for quarterly and annual plans whether you rent or purchase the equipment.

Do you offer next-day shipping?

At this time, we do not have next-day shipping options.

I want EM24 Alert for my mom and dad who live together - do I pay two monitoring fees?

No, you would not have to pay two fees. The only additional cost would be to purchase a second pendant.

Can I have the EM24 Alert System installed at my parent's home and have the service billed to me?

Yes, you may purchase a system and have the service provided in someone else’s home. In fact, many of our customers make this purchase for their parents and other relatives.

Is this service covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

At this time, these programs do not reimburse the insured for a personal emergency response system.

What payment discounts do you offer?

There are sliding-scale price points that reflect the annual, quarterly and monthly payment plans. This is true for both rental and equipment purchase packages. For the greatest value, you should purchase the equipment and pay for the annual service plan up front.

Is there a charge if I set off the alarm accidentally?

Occasional accidents happen and there are no charges from EM24 Alert for sending us a signal. However, the service agreement may be cancelled by EM24 Alert at any time, upon a ten (10) day written notice, if excessive false notifications and/or “runaway” signals occur.